How to take CBD

Balms, Salves & Tinctures, how to take CBD.

Here are our tips on how to take CBD.


CBD comes in more and more forms these days, but how do you take it? What are the best methods? 


First it was just oil tinctures but now it’s even in coffee! From bath bombs to pain balms, CBD is finding its way into every corner of the consumer marketplace. 


If you ask me, my favorite way is tinctures or capsules, that way I know it’s getting into my system to target the benefit im looking for. Sometimes I do use a topical on my hands after a hard day of physical labor. There are also wonderful soaps with luxurious lather that contain CBD. The list goes on every day as new products are launched and new companies are processing the thousands of acres of hemp coming off the field and out of greenhouses across the United States.


Traditional methods of delivery are definitely helpful, but technology progresses and we can improve the traditional methods. Nano emulsions and sonicating technology can break the molecular clumps down to smaller sizes which increases bioavailability. What this means is that smaller doses of nano-emulsified CBD solutions will be as effective as larger doses of formulations that are not. For topicals this means better absorption into the skin for deep muscle penetration. CBD is even mixed with other compounds to make it semi-water soluble for drinks and energy shots. The CBD oil can also be mixed into degassed aqueous solutions. Degassing strips the water molecules of the nitrogen atoms that cling to them, allowing for oil molecules to take their place and thus oil dissolving in water.

CBD will continue to find its way into all of our lives, helping us, our families, and even our pets. How will you incorporate CBD into your life? Find out How…comes