When you see hemp oil,

you read ‘Full Spectrum’

What does that mean?

Hemp oil vs CBD Oil, what is the difference? 

When you see hemp oil without the “CBD”, What does that mean?

What you are seeing is “hemp seed oil”.

 Hemp seed oil is produced using the same method sesame seed and other “seed oils” are produced, 

by cold pressing the seeds to extrude the oil, which in the case of hemp seed oil, the processed oil contains 0% CBD. 

Some labels are stating the total contents in milligrams so you might think it’s the thing you are looking for.

 It would be no different than over paying for a mint flavored coconut oil that has a clever name and a picture of a moon on the bottle.

Buyer unaware..

You might think it’s CBD, the non-psychoactive hemp product that everyone is raving about. 

What you might not know is you are buying a mislabeled “snake oil” version of the phytocannabinoid rich product that is actually giving people results, yet it contains 0% CBD.

CBD oil is different from hemp seed oil in many ways. 

Hemp seed oil is mainly polyunsaturated fats like linoleic acid. 

Where as CBD oil is a complex molecule that targets receptors that are a part of your endocannabinoid system. 

The oil that would give you the benefits of CBD is produced by extracting hemp biomass to separate the cannabinoids from the plant material.

So, the next time you are looking for a hemp products, be sure to know the difference between hemp oil and CBD.